Premium Compostable Trash Bags with Handles

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Premium Compostable Bin Liners with frustration-free guaranteed

🍀 Green Handle Bags come with thick and durable handles 🌿 Sturdy and big enough for a handle-tie 👍 All different compost bin, Green Handle US's bin liners will fit perfectly

  • Reduce Plastics

    Did you know a single plastic bag will break into 1.8M micro pieces and it takes 500~1,000 years?

  • California #SB1383

    We supports California’s 📜 SB1383 Regulations to separate organic waste from landfills to reduce 20% of the state’s methane

  • No Polyethylene

    Our bags are made from plant and corn starches and contain NO polyethylene.

  • No Greenwashing

    Did you know “100% compostable” is an illegal "greenwashing" marketing terms in California?