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Adorable Pink Peri

Adorable Pink Peri Bottle Up Side Down Manual Portable Handheld Bidet

Adorable Pink Peri Bottle Up Side Down Manual Portable Handheld Bidet

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SHOWER-LIKE CLEANSING This lovely pink peri bottle, aka "CUP BUDDY", holds 10 oz (300 ml) or 12 oz (360 ml) and comes with a nozzle cap and a waterproof storage bag. Simply, fill it up with warm water before going to the toilet and cleanse the cup between your legs. Its soft stream of water cleans your important part and the cup inside and out. Non-electrical, this manual bidet washer is in your control. No more need to take it out to a sink and cleanse it.

JUST RIGHT When held down upside down between your legs, it is easy to manage to take the cup out and cleanse it with this soft EVA bottle by squeezing and spraying it. This squeezy plastic bottle’s nozzle has 10 water holes and its water stream is powerful enough to do the work. No need to use disposable wipes or other tools. This simple combo makes your messy periods effortlessly clean, ultra-convenient, and glamorous.

RETRACTABLE NOZZLE The nozzle folds in half when not in use. This perfectly-angled nozzle allows you to easily reach every part of the aimed area with minimal hand movement and maximized cleansing efficiency. This intimate must-have item is not only for postpartum women but for all women who use cups or who would like a shower-like cleansing while sitting in a toilet.

ON THE GO Use at home and when traveling. This spray bottle is compact (3 x 3 x 6 in. size of an iPhone), portable, and lightweighted (0.25 oz). Included a waterproof bag and a nozzle cap for traveling. Did you know this manual bidet is less unsanitary than the regular bidet? Simply use soapy water to routinely clean this bottle after use.

SAVE $ ANDECO-FRIENDLY One Adorable Pink Peri can last for a lifetime. Good for you, your body, and the environment. Did you know that this combo of a period cup and a peri bottle can save you over the US $6,000 money-wise, 11,000 tampons and pads, and tons of toilet paper? We use minimalist packaging for the good of our planet. A natural, organic, and holistic way of taking care of our beautiful cycle to charge the superpower.



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