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Portable Bidet for Water Bottles as Discreet Attachment

Portable Bidet for Water Bottles as Discreet Attachment

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INSTANT HANDHELD BIDET - Get this instant portable handheld manual bidet whenever wherever you go! Pocket-sized small attachments that are compatible with almost all US water bottles thanks to its adjustable four (2 large and 2 small) sealing rings that are already installed for your immediate use.

⭕ SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT + WHEREVER YOU GO - Keep these little guys in your pocket and you will have the instant access to a mini shower wherever you go whenever you get a bottle of water. This is the lightest travel bidet and the most discreet way to take good care of your down there.

⭕ PORTABLE CASE + EASY TO CLEAN - This special pack comes with a carrying case for your bidet. This soft silicone case has a metal lanyard so you can hook into your daily backpack or purse, dedicated only for you whenever you want them. Seriously helpful when you have periods and changing cups in toilet.

EASY TO ADJUST + REUSABLE - After testing all other small bidet attachments, we came up with this item because this was the easiest to use. Just fill your bottle, then screw this bottle cap to your bottle. Make sure the sealing caps are pushed up all the way then it won’t leak the water. After tightening up the gaps between this cap and the bottle, take it to your toilet, and Voila! You have your portable bidet!



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