Our Start

Greetings! I'm Kathy, the creator of Green Handle US, alongside my fellow tree-hugging families. As both business professionals and passionate nature enthusiasts, we found our calling in the vibrant community of the San Francisco Bay Area over 15 years ago—a place we now proudly call home and aspire to cultivate for our families' future.

In our thriving community of small businesses and families, Green Handle US emerged from a shared frustration with traditional flattop compostable liners. Inspired to make a change, we crafted our signature handle tie compostable bags, which quickly gained traction among friends and neighbors.

Fueled by a desire for better options and a disbelief in some of the products available in California, we're committed to sourcing from reputable partners who prioritize the use of the right ingredients. At Green Handle US, we're dedicated to empowering women by providing user-friendly designs that make their work easier and supporting them in creating better lives for their families. Together, let's champion sustainability and build a brighter future for all.