About Green Handle US

Discover Green Handle US, born in the heart of San Francisco, California, dedicated to crafting the most dependable, resilient, efficient, and eco-friendly compostable products. Our team of professionals is passionately committed to delivering superior solutions for your charging needs.

We specialize in four key areas:

  1. BPI-Certified Compostable Bin Liners and Trash Bags
  2. Zero Waste Period Products for Women
  3. Compostable Packaging Mailers
  4. Reusable Take-out Utensils and Containers

Did you know?

  • Embrace minimalism and keep your items fresh longer.
  • All inspections are conducted in California.
  • Production is carried out with utmost respect for the environment.
  • Enjoy friendly customer service via Whatsapp and Instagram.
  • Our customer service team is available from 9am to 5pm PST. Simply text us at +1-415-326-4128 or email us at marketing@greenhandleus.com.