Frustrated over Flattop Liners?

Frustrated over Flattop Liners?

Are you tired of dealing with frustrating flattop liners for your kitchen compost bin? Look no further than Green Handle US's compostable bags with handles.

Not only are these bags made with 100% compostable materials from nature, but they also feature convenient handles for easy and clean disposal of soiled kitchen waste. Say goodbye to the hassle of tying up messy bags and avoid unnecessary contact with unpleasant trash.

Our bags are thicker and stronger than other compostable bags on the market, and are designed to break down in 6-12 months, making it easy for you to maintain better composting habits. Plus, our bags are certified with US BPI, ASTM D6400, and Europe OK compost Home + Seedling for both facility and home composting.

We understand that purchasing in bulk can lead to bags degrading before they are used, so we sell small quantities per box, ensuring that your bags will stay fresh. Our recommendation is 25 bags for 1~2 member family, and 50 bags for 3+ household. Our bags are also designed to fit most kitchen countertop compost bins up to 3 gallons / 11 liters. With a thickness of 25 microns, or 1.00 mil, these bags are durable and long-lasting.

Not only are these bags perfect for use in your kitchen compost bin, but you can also use them for grocery shopping and restaurant take-out. Then, simply reuse the bags as compost bin liners, reducing the number of trips to your organic waste green cart. Upgrade to Green Handle US's compostable bags for an easy and convenient composting experience.

At Green Handle US, we are committed to creating user-friendly and reusable products that promote sustainability without resorting to "greenwashing" marketing tactics. Many of our items serve multiple purposes to help produce and waste less.

So don't get frustrated over flimsy flattop liners and fake compostable bags, make the switch to Green Handle US compostable bags with handles and do your part in reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable composting.


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